Advantages of a secured loan

As secured loans are safer for lenders, they are able to offer:

Larger loans
Longer repayment terms
(up to 30 years)
interest rates

A Secta homeowner loan vs a remortgage

A Secta Homeowner Loan is designed to sit alongside your existing mortgage to provide simple, affordable finance. A Secta Flexiloan offers a key advantage over a remortgage in that you only pay interest on the amount you actually drawdown.

However, for some people, a remortgage may be worth considering. We are authorised by the FCA to give professional and impartial advice. We will consider the best option for you (including a remortgage) before making a recommendation.

If a remortgage is the best option for you, our team of experts can search the whole of market to find you the the best product and rate available.

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